Ring-a-Ding Ding!

Something happened since last we spoke. No, wait, like, four things happened. And are still happening.

This was the biggest: ring
But the day before that happened, I got a job. I’d been interviewing for one and met with the boss twice. He called my references and on Friday December 5th, sent me a job offer. I haggled my salary for the very first time and while I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, I did get more than what he initially offered. Enter December 6th: Dylan and I chased down the Holiday Train and took it exactly one stop before the overcrowded train forced us to rethink our afternoon, but not before Santa photobombed us. Brilliant. We went to our favorite German deli, Gene’s Sausage Shop, stopped to look at the Christmas tree in Lincoln Square, and took our meats and cheeses home. My friends and I were meeting about an hour later for pizza and beer so we took our little window of relaxation and parked on the couch. Dylan grabbed his moment and launched into a nervous but excited speech then hopped down on one knee and proposed. I said yes, was interrupted twice by children, then awkwardly got up to get ready for dinner. It was perfect.

I called my mom and sisters on our way to dinner and told them the news. I let my nieces know via Snapchat (as you do when you’re the cool aunt), and waited to tell anyone else until dinner. After stuffing ourselves full of beery, cheesy goodness and attempting to keep my head from spinning off my shoulders, we settled up. Dylan and his friend went home (Dylan works overnight as the caretaker for an autistic boy and gets little sleep because he’s an insomniac as it is, so he’s a mess by midnight) and my best friend Kathy and I went out. At one point in the wee hours at an arcade and over dark beers, I asked her to be my Maid of Honor. Her response was something like, “Duh.” which is what it’s come to after 13 years of best friendship for hetero life mates. I will ask my two sisters to complete the rest of my small bridal party on Christmas.

Sunday the 7th brought my birthday and the last moments of quiet before we put it on Facebook. We had breakfast together and soaked up all the love from friends and neighbors, then we changed our statuses and I posted the photo of the ring. We decided to spend the rest of the day at Bed Bath and Beyond to begin our registry and bask in the glow of all these new thoughts and plans neither of us had before. By the time we sat down to dinner and a split of champagne, I finally cried the happy tears. It’s been overwhelming in so many ways. The day I saw my Kathy type, “Penny’s wedding” with regards to upcoming plans, I had to stop and really absorb it. Something like that happens every day, a new sensation or comment that takes me a moment to process. I never sleep with jewelry on and I have slept with my ring on every night since he gave it to me. I used to think people were crazy for doing that. “Don’t you face rake yourself?” Answer: yes, but it’s a happy injury.

We’ve since registered at two other places and visited four venues with two strong contenders. We have a quote from one caterer and are waiting on another. Once we have that, we can decide between the raw space we love and the space above a brewery that we like a lot but that doesn’t have the same amount of space nor does it have the customization that the raw space will. They each have their pluses and minuses and for all I know, it will come down to the bottom line. The best part is that it’s win-win either way, because at the end of the day, I get to marry the best person I’ve ever known. That is what it is all about, all of it. That day and every day afterwards.

Our housing situation has also changed, we shelved the RV plan for a while in favor of an apartment here in the city. Long story short, our beloved wackyjorah dog Jorah is part of the maligned breed of American Pit Bull Terrier who people never think wants to be their friend as much as eat their children in one chomp so we can’t keep him and live where we are. In a way, it’s a blow to the overall idea of our future but the more we talk about it, the more we see that it’s good to be newlyweds together in our own place and live that adventure first. It’s a pity that a move is happening because of Jorah but at the same time, we both know that he’s an awesome dude and aren’t going to bang our heads against the wall trying to convince others. Besides, look at that freaking bow tie! He just wants to love you, seriously.

So there you have it, friends. A lot of new stuff in my life in all of about two weeks’ time. I never do things easily or one at a time. And I promise this collection of rambling won’t turn into a wedding blog, at least that isn’t my plan or desire. I will keep you posted on the major decisions though, because I’m keeping most of that off of Facebook since it’s a smaller thing and not everyone that we want to invite, we can afford to invite. There are plenty of people I wish I could hush because they go on about their weddings without that in mind, and I don’t want to be that person.

Oh my gosh and it’s Christmas in two days, too! So Merry Christmas, friends. I hope your year was wonderful and if it wasn’t, that next year is. What’s that great toast? May your best day this year be your worst day next? Yeah, that.


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