Oh Da Yoo-Pee, Eh?

My best friend has been on me for 12 years to go with her to visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, residence of her grandmother, supposedly excellent beach camping, and not too many bugs (knock knock). Turns out, it’s also home to a few breweries, fancy that! We’re looking at 78 and sunny with lows in the low 50s, I think that’s pretty choice. This is very possibly our last summer as unmarried girls together, and while I’ve been dodging hers and her family’s consistent pleas to drive that far north for a weekend, it felt like it was finally time to say yes, so I did. This is, in truth, the very first time we’ve ever traveled together not for a predetermined purpose (scooter rally, moving me to Ohio, wedding, etc) and it’s time. Little does she know that the musical choice for this trip involves Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience (EXCELLENT album) and the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy. Fortunately, we consume classic rock like oxygen when we’re together, so how far off the mark could kinda-disco be? Not too far.

We set out from Chicago Wednesday afternoon and head north, through the Land of Cheese, past the home of the much-reviled Green Bay Packers where we will offer our own special salute, and into Iron Mountain, MI where we will hopefully find something to do after seven or eight hours on the road. Come Friday, we head north to Houghton, location of Keweenaw Brewing and The Library. I won’t lie to you, I’m trying to convince her to get there via the long way, through Marquette, home of two other breweries, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen this trip.

I plan to take pictures of the beach, the sky, the beer, the locals, the road, the stars, the inside of the car, the hilarity that is sure to ensue, but at some point I’m going to turn my phone off and just enjoy the time. 13 years of best friendship is something to celebrate and seeing as how I may be on a continental road trip adventure for my next milestone birthday (which is in December 2015, so preferably on a beach with an umbrella drink), this is an important weekend. Put the windows down, turn up the Boston, UP: we’re coming for you.


One thought on “Oh Da Yoo-Pee, Eh?

  1. Commenting on my own post, how lame:

    The UP was great. The beach camping was almost perfect (minus the outhouse and 50-some degree sleeping weather), Houghton is a cute college town but no wonder drinking is the only pastime, everything is a long drive away, the way north UP is full of lovely cabins and tiny towns, T-Mobile is AWFUL outside of major cities, and the drive is really, really long.

    We found only a few beers out of the maybe seven or eight local offerings that we tried worth bringing home (and from Marquette, a brewery we didn’t even get to visit). That was disappointing.

    But if you’re heading north, I can recommend places to stop, stay, and visit. Not major enough to warrant its own post here, but something. Go before mid-fall though, they got 336 feet of snow last season. THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX.

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