His Cheeks Are Attuned to Her Kiss

Watch this. Especially if you have kids.

I will admit that I watched this for the first time at 9:43 on a Wednesday morning, before I’d had my coffee, and possibly whilst a tad hormonal. I looked down after it was over and found tear marks on the counter, on my pants, on my cheeks. Why, I wondered as I got up to pour a cup of caffeine to jumpstart my brain for the days’ tasks. Passion, I think. The fierce love and protection of a father, a brand of fierce love and protection I have never witnessed up close and personal until recently, actually. My mom is more the lion between my parents, my dad was a bit more content to let things play out. Still, had I known my father would have curb stomped someone who broke my heart let alone put a hand on me, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken me so long to find someone who could never earn that wrath. And in there were also tears of gratitude that he’s not just a relationship Yeti but that he’s real, and amazing.


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