She’s Crafty, And She’s Just Your Type

I have a new hobby. I mean, besides napping, riding my scooter, and trying to find a job. For those of you who have experienced prolonged unemployment, you know how much of a relief hobbies can be. They keep us from going completely insane and aside from an occasional multivitamin and deodorant, become things we need in order to feel human when the days blend into each other and prospects seem bleak.

Five friends and I have started a ladies’ beer appreciation society in Chicago which finally launched today, after a few months of prep and planning. Our first event is coming up in late April and we’re slowly getting organized. Read about it via the link below if you like, and please pass it around to any ladies you know who might want in. We don’t discriminate. Unless you’re a guy in which case, you may wait in the car.

She’s Crafty, And She’s Just Your Type.


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