“Fake Geek Girls”

My friend Deanna posted this wonderful graphic about the rise of girls who consider themselves “geeky” and the backlash they’re experiencing. It can be found here. Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait. 

Done? Pissed off? Enlightened? Think it’s crap? Think it’s right on? Please comment, I’m really curious to hear your thoughts. Here is my response to it, which I left on her Facebook page. The discourse has been positive so far, though I feel my last sentence will probably offend someone for which I’m only going to apologize for the briskness of the tone but not the sentiment:

“There’s something Oedipal about the hatred of “fake” geek girls that goes beyond the whole poseur thing. I was hypothesizing for a while that retreating to comics (or music, or video games, D&D, etc) was the legit-geeky/rejected by ladies guy’s way of a certain retracted treehouse ladder-style revenge that wasn’t thought through very well. They went from having something they thought of as a power over women by sheer breadth of knowledge, to not even realizing it may be something women might be into. Never mind the sexy costumes or the sad, rather desperate way female superheros are depicted as more walking sex and diversion than intellectual forces, but more like, “oh crap, they read/play/quote/appreciate/dress like them and they like the story lines…now what?” because something that was closely guarded as a way to isolate has been adapted and adopted by a group that brings that intellect to them rather than smash-boom-bang-boobs. And they resent women for it. 

Hmm, that’s basically a metaphor for male/female relations in popular and governmental culture now that I see it in print.

I read a great roundtable discussion about Big Bang Theory and how truly misogynistic and homophobic of a show that it is, and while attempting to be “smart” and “geeky” it’s really just the tallest comedic midget for the commonfolk that watch it. It’s truly drivel in comic book nerd t-shirts. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for another viewing of Idocracy.

** All that said, if I see you wearing lensless glasses you deserve the poke in the eye you’ll hopefully get”

Oh and I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but I think it’s both undermining and kinda cool because when you watch them try to dance in unison it’s very clear that they’re klutzy. And if there’s one thing in life I totally appreciate, it’s a pretty, nerdy, klutzy lady. 


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