Grocery Store Seduction

So here’s something exciting: I started my sweet new job as the personal assistant to an established and respected Chicago chef last week. Granted, so far it’s consisted of the cataloging of 10 year-old menus into Word documents and fumbling with something called OCR which apparently Google Drive has the capability of doing (but which I desperately need the help of my in-house geek because I can’t figure it out for the life of me). The reason I’m not working at the restaurant directly with my chef yet? Oh, because she’s cooking at the Super Bowl this weekend. You know, no big. That all changes on Tuesday though when I roll in and we sit down and commence The Great Reorganization of her life. I’m up for the challenge, and in the very short time we’ve spent together I already know that she and her crew are generous and funny, kind and pretty awesome. There is no pretention there and she wants help as badly as I want to help her. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have worked for non ego-driven chefs in the last few years and while I don’t know her well yet, I have the distinct feeling that she is no different. I’m excited. Not only for the challenge and to be around amazing cuisine once again, but also for the friggin’ paycheck! Wandering around Trader Joe’s has resulted in a 20-item someday soon grocery list, I had no idea quinoa recipes could give me such hotpants.

I woke up this morning thinking about potatoes which we fortunately have in the house, so I made breakfast and wrote about it here. I forget about that blog mainly because I’m just not cooking quite as much as I used to since I’m not the one doing the shopping. Soon, however. Very soon. Not only to help contribute, but to stave off the gout. Boyfriend sure enjoys cooking with salty meats (not that I’m complaining) and I don’t think he realizes that veggies are an important part of this balanced diet. I’ve warned him that when it’s my turn to shop and cook, there’s going to be a lot more fish and veg in our lives so he better go nuts on the red meats now and not give me any lip later.

Aside from fish, veg, proper razors, moisturizer, wine, better coffee beans, clothes, socks, shoes, mani-pedis, paid bills and a new computer one of the things I keep going back to time and again is beer. Even this morning while eating a hearty breakfast I found myself longing for a dark beer, a breakfast beer, as they do across the pond. And in college. I am fortunate to live near a Binny’s Beverage Depot, which has a ridiculously great beer selection in Chicago. My mind often wanders up and down its aisles, filling an imaginary basket full of beers I want to try and have again. My beer blog (see above banner) has been so sadly neglected since leaving Cleveland that I’m going to treat March 2013 as the Beer Blog Renaissance & Rebirth.

“This is our year”, said boyfriend upon my return from my first day at the office last week. I believe him. It’s my year, it’s his year and it’s our year. It’s about time, too. My intense need to be social, drink amazing beers, eat amazing foods and take long walks around town with the ability to stop for coffee, lunch or a glass of wine is about to be sated via a job (career?) that I anticipate loving. It’s thrilling.


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