So Far

Not much to report in 24 hours, really. I had a great night last night though, even if it did involve seven bars (one and done though, not a bender). I’m starting to get a feel for neighborhoods and their quirks and characteristics, the whole east side/west side thing is still not making sense and I’d argue that it simply won’t, but it does exist amongst the older folks and lifers. Racism is alive and well in Cleveland, folks. Like anywhere I guess, though.

A piece of excitement I suppose, is that I have a job interview tomorrow. It’s at a restaurant downtown, one that is connected in a few ways to the restaurant I left in Chicago (the fancy one, not the most recent casual one). The contact was facilitated by a mutual friend so hopefully the interview isn’t just favor-doing, especially since I’m not positive what they’re hiring for. Going into the slow season for dining out, I’m not exactly sure what winter in Cleveland holds in terms of finances while working service. I’ve sent out about 10 resumes in the last day, mostly all design. The next batch will be administrative stuff because at this point, it’s about a steady paycheck while I get on my feet.

Cleveland’s public transit is a little screwy. I haven’t taken it yet, that will hopefully be tomorrow when I head to my interview, but I’ve learned simply by looking at maps that the roads don’t really run in straight lines from north to south, and there have been repeated warnings about not being out on certain streets after dark. I’m still trying to figure out how to temper that with the size of the town, relative to my city experiences. BUT – and this is where I get weepy if I think about it too much – my dear friend who was a huge help during the move, has a mom who lives on the dreaded east side who doesn’t use her car. They talked about it and she offered it to me, not permanently but indefinitely. In fact, he’s on his way over to pick me up so we can fetch it so I have to go now. Man, I’m really looking forward to driving again… hopefully I can find my driving music. See you later.


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