I’m in Cleveland. I actually meant to chronicle all that conspired to get me here in the time it took between the decision and the moving truck, but for those of you who have moved you know that it happens too fast with very little time to actually write down all that you’re thinking about. So I guess now is where I hindsight it and try to remember all those terribly clever sentences I formulated while running errands and trying not to freak out.

First, I’ll begin with the lessons. I hope I have the wherewithall to remember this stuff when it happens again, because they were significant:

1. Ask for help, ideally sooner than I need it
2. Don’t be afraid to throw things away, I’ll just wind up doing it day of anyway
3. I have way more stuff than I think I do
4. But a 12′ truck will be enough for an apartment
5. I can never have too many moving boxes
6. Don’t box up towels, sheets and linens I don’t care about because we’ll need them for         packing
7. Save as much money as humanly possible before the move, it will always cost a lot
8. Don’t sweat the people who don’t bother to say goodbye, chances are they’re just filler
9. When moving to a strange town or state, take your best friend with you for initial                cushion
10. Upon entry, change my location on all internet sites and delete or hide former                     residence-specific phone apps. This helps the adjustment period begin.

Saying goodbye to my best friend as she boarded the bus back to Chicago was even harder than I thought it would be. I started crying before we even left for it and tried to hide it until I had to speak up in the car to direct the driver to the bus location. We said what we had to and hugged goodbye. My friends comforted me best they could, we got back to the house and I went to bed. I promptly slept for 14 hours, almost straight through. It’s been an exhausting weekend/month/year.

The job search, the unpacking and then the exploring all begin this week. Today it’s already 3:15 and I’m still in my pajamas, however.  Frankly the only reason I’m getting out of them is because a friend is coming over to take me to get a bite at 4. It feels weird, is about all I can say so far. It feels like it should be ending soon and I’ll be packing my bag and heading back to Chicago…but I won’t. When it hits me, it’s going to be strange. I know myself enough to know I’ll go through a little period of melancholia but I also know that I’ll get over it, take stock and figure things out as I go.

Cleveland has this really weird east side/west side disparity going on that I haven’t quite made sense of. It seems to be an old way of thinking based primarily on a certain prejudice which is only slightly race-related. I mentioned that I was really interested in checking out the east side as I have only ever been on the west and was questioned as to why I’d want to do that. Obviously you can’t know a city without seeing all sides of it, but as a friend who lived here during his formative years told me, Cleveland can be small-minded and can sometimes kinda like it that way. That’s not me. Whether or not that becomes a detriment remains to be seen. Stay tuned…


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