I can name you like, 15 things I want to do before I die but if you asked me what the one thing is, the one thing I have to do before I were to kick it, I couldn’t tell you. Well I could, but I’d put you through some really annoying fidgeting and figuring before I actually came up with something.

Perhaps that’s why New Order’s ‘Temptation‘ brings me to at least goosebumps and at most, tears. It’s not what the song is saying as a whole, though there are some fantastic lyrics in it. It’s the end – but I’ll get to that in a bit. Every time I walk alone, and that’s pretty much every single day (because I don’t drive, it’s not that I’m an emo sod), I play the song. At some point in it, something applies to where I’m at in life.

“Please don’t let me hit the ground/Tonight I think I’ll walk alone/I’ll find my soul as I go home.” (most often, the most appropriate)

But, at the end, a sweet, earnest refrain which is delivered neither sadly nor joyously, is my favorite because it’s so open to interpretation. And that is:

“Oh, it’s the last time”

Now, it must be heard in the context of the driving drums, incessant guitar or beautifully affected bass that is the very core of New Order, but something about that last line gets me every single time. I could be anywhere, too. Your car, my bedroom, a bar, the porch – you name it. That song comes on, that lyric, my hands (or arms, depending on my level of perceived personal expression) go up. I articulate. I dance. I mouth the words. I close my eyes. Sometimes my eyes well up. It moves me in total.

I won’t sum it up, I can’t. Listen. Explore them. There is so much more where this nugget comes from.


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