Waiting for the Garden to Grow

I just can’t be burned by a crappy crop of tomatoes again this year. You’ll note, if you read this thing and you give a poop, that the last few years of documented gardening were not always um… “successful”. Herbs, yes. Cannot go wrong with basil, you get back so much more than you put in. Tomatoes and peppers however are extraordinarily temperamental in containers. At least for me (and I consider myself to have quite a green thumb).

So this year, I decided to go mainly with herbs and flowers which include: chrysanthemums, poppies, marigolds, petunias, parsley and basil. Sadly, my rosemary and alyssum did not sprout. I suspected that would happen with the rosemary as I hear nothing but what a pain it is to start from seed unless you toss it off the side of your home and completely ignore it (in which case you’ll have a bed of healthy rosemary in no time. Hmm…), but the alyssum fail surprised me, I will admit. I may still try for that. It’s entirely possible I got a bad batch of seeds like last year.

Nonetheless, the basil is going APE. It’s still in seedling form so transplanting and thinning have to happen soon, but once it gets going it’s unstoppable. Tonight I found myself pining for it to be basil time already. I had a tomato, some peas (steamed and cooled) and a rumbling stomach. I threw some olive oil in there, salt, pepper and sadly, dried basil. It needed cheese. Burrata or something soft and gooey – I find standard balled mozzarella just a little too tough, though a beautiful Chèvre might have really been right on the money. 
PS, this bowl is the best bowl on the planet. Crate & Barrel, like $5 or something – in the stores, they sell individually but online they come in sets. They hold everything beautifully from pasta to ice cream. It’s my favorite, as predicted it would become so by the clerk who rang me up.


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