Stupid Twitter

When everyone started getting cell phones, I vowed to be the last one on the block. I didn’t want that much accessibility, accountability or responsibility. I didn’t want to be found by anyone, if I didn’t want to be. It seemed people were tethered to those things and I found it boring. Now, the buzz kill of being in conversation with someone only to have them whip their cell phone out and start texting or checking emails while uttering a mildly engaged, “uh huh” to whatever I’m saying has become commonplace. I do it too (sorry about that). It’s the new social norm, even if it causes a person to bristle. Cell phones on tables during dinner, cell phones in movies, cell phones during important conversations (while not having one on the actual cell phone), texting rather than talking… I’m still not a fan of them on some level. They are, as I often say, the worst things to happen to romantic relationships since the answering machine. But they’re here to stay, at least until Apple figures out a way to implant a chip in our brains. iPhones for all! Huzzah!

Much like those god forsaken cell phones, is Twitter. I fought it. I really did, I swear. I lurked, every now and again I’d post something, treating it like another Facebook. But the other day, it clicked. I realized why people use it and what it’s for. The best way I can describe it, is that rather than sign up for a daily or weekly email from your chosen interest you can get them on the Twitter and then be privy to inside info the masses may not be. And the beauty of it, is that you never have to post a single thing. You can follow them, but they don’t have to follow you. It’s nice that it can be so anonymous, especially when you find yourself following someone who turns out to be tedious, overly-abundant with the details or posts 15 times an hour (I would love to name a famous recently de-followed chef right now, but I will refrain). 

So rather than use it for what a lot of people do, a glorified Facebook, I follow chefs and restaurants. Sure, I also follow certain bands, Tony Hawk,  the Onion and Roger Ebert, but mainly I follow the food folks. It may sound nutty to you, but seeing what AdHoc puts on the menu daily feels great (and provides inspiration for future meals). 

It also keeps a fairly close Chicago food circle even closer. Mutual congrats go out, shared laughs from food bloggers and magazines are bounced back and forth, awards, openings and closings, breaking news, stuff like that hits Twitter before it hits a lot of places. I don’t need to be on the forefront, but it’s kinda nice to be. It also feels much more contained and controlled than Facebook, especially when you have it on lockdown as I do.

So there you have it, I outed myself. A week ago or so I’d have probably straight lied to you and told you I barely use it. But that’s not true now. Hello, my name is Penny and I am a Twit.

(Hi, Penny)


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