Ok, This is Actually Kinda Funny

I am proud to say that I don’t think any of these words can be found in my bit of writing here, nor in my Yelp reviews. I find the word “unctuous” is particularly irritating.

Grub Street is a great collection of musings, thoughts, reviews, whatever you want to say, and I find it interesting that they write with a certain disdain about, well, people who write about food. The restaurant group – I guess we’re a group now, there’s more than two owned by the same group of folks – that I work for tends to be a bit of a darling around town so we pop up from time to time and it’s nice to see they have decent things to say.

Lastly today, some opinions from a staff writer at Salon regarding the total collapse of the “chef” part of “celebrity chef”. I gotta say, my chef is a little recognizable but if you think you’re going to see him on TV or in the VIP section of a club somewhere you are sorely mistaken. You want to find him? Look in one of three possible kitchens, that’s where he’ll be. But I mean, to be fair, restaurant people are a hilarious bunch to be around. I don’t even think you have to have worked in a restaurant to appreciate the humor but it certainly helps. It will always be a place for a certain type of person, we’re born and not made, is something that I have come to firmly believe.

Completely unrelated: I enjoy saying “haricot vert” and am considering it as a pen name some day. Harry Covair. So clever. I know.


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