A Loaded Topic: Bacon

Here in my beloved city of Chicago, someone decided to put together a bacon-centric party called Baconfest. Sounds like paradise to you? Porky heaven, perhaps? A porcine utopia? Sure. In theory.

I have it on good inside report that it hasn’t been the smoothest plan of events to the point that some important advisers and chefs had dropped out early on, and the date had been pushed back until things got in order. That’s not to say they didn’t pull it together, it’s clearly happening as all 500 tickets sold out in ten minutes. While it’s a lovely dream to bring the public together in the name of Bacon, something about it ranks up there with… hmm… say… the Star Wars Christmas Special

Know what I mean? Capitalizing on a trend, the cheapening of something that in its pure state, is not even trying for so much attention. I realize Bacon is not a person in need of my defense, it’s more that
the sycophantic whoreness of the media rubs me the wrong way.

Why can’t something just be delicious without it being pimped? I can’t think of a single other food item that people have done this to in recent memory. Sure, there’s your foie gras, your foams and your molecular gastronomy…trends. Trendy. Comes and goes. Bacon? Bacon has been around since Adam cut open his first pig and accidentally left it too close to the smoldering fire overnight. 

Yes, it’s friggin delicious. Yes, it’s like, the perfect condiment, main, side, snack, accent, dessert, whatever. I get it. We all get it. So what is the fuss, here? Is that the fuss? Or is it that it’s somehow forbidden? New studies have come out regarding saturated fats not being quite as villainous as previously thought, so a little bit of its risky rep has been taken away but that news barely made a dent in the American media. I imagined the Bacon lobbyists scrambling over to corner and begging the public to pay no mind to the pesky AMA mouthpiece behind the curtain. The longer Bacon retains its bad boy status, the sexier it is and then more obnoxious parties can be planned in its name.

Am I taking all this a little too personally, too seriously? Is it a sign of psychosis to have such extreme loyalty to an inanimate object? Perhaps. I’m trying to think of an analogy to articulate my feelings but I’m having a hard time. I mean, to give you some personal insight I’ve always sort of rejected the popular vote (mainly because of my feeling about Group Mind, another topic for another day) but also because the popular vote tends to just basically suck. I mean – look at the majority of movies being made today or shows on TV. How wise is this Public we’re talking about? Not very. Not to compare Bacon celebrators to the core audience of Two And A Half Men or anything, that would just be cruel.

So to answer some of your questions, no. I won’t be there. I could be, I have ins, but I won’t be. I will be home, quietly and happily preparing a pan of peppered thick-cut all on my own thanks.


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