What Do Wal-Mart and Wine Have in Common?

This guy.

I hear a lot of people go ape over the Two Buck Chuck wine at Trader Joe’s and heck, if I was a functioning alcoholic I’d put down the Wild Turkey and spend my money on some tasty $2 wine too, but like most things worth having… $2? Especially when we’re talking about something as artistic, chemically fascinating, ancient and passion-inducing as wine.

Granted, a lot about wine is built up around words like “terrior” and “monocepage” which for the average consumer, are unnecessary diversions from the basic enjoyment of it. There is a small part of the population that actually gives a crap about those things and understands them, and an even smaller percentage of those people who aren’t snobby jackasses.

The article and video say that it tests with high marks and that folks can’t tell the difference. Either that means people are stupid because they could have been cheating this whole time and no one knew it, or their taste testers were…well… let’s just say had “uneducated palettes”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no class warrior (to quote Nick Hornby) but to hear someone go so far the other way with like, straight up disrespect for the thing itself it heartbreaking. It takes something that should ordinarily take time, craft and care and turns it into something that… well… sells for the price of a tube of Chapstick. Or a few postage stamps. Not even a gallon of gas. That’s probably a boon to a lot of folks who are strapped these days and I get that, heck I’m one of them, but something about a $2 bottle of wine truly breaks my heart just a bit. The craft is lost.


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