Oh, and Another Thing…

Some of you who been following this web journal may have noticed a change in the title. When I started this thing a year or so ago, I called it Something for the Foodies and it’s hard to believe that in just a year, that word has become so loaded with eye-rolling potential that I had to drop it. I don’t even know what it means anymore, considering how small and accessible the world that folks used to consider “foodie” now is. So rather than cringe every time I saw the title, I changed it to two things I know intimately: a happy kitchen and me, the single girl (and that they are mutually inclusive).

Along with shark-jumping is another item close to my heart which I’ve had to shove back into the closet: bacon. Bacon has somehow become a bottom-shelf whore for anyone with taste buds. There are at least three bars in my area that actually cook it up and give it away. They give it away! For free! It’s the dregs they’re throwing in the fryer and tossing into napkin-lined fake wicker baskets for the drunken rubes and I completely resent it. Actually, I feel something between resent and pity because these folks have never had properly prepared pork belly or fresh-cut, butcher-prepared bacon, they don’t know what it is to have good bacon. So therefore, my love of the belly of pork and all my bacon-cooking experiments are going under cover until something must be reported.

With that said, the next time you hear me mention it I will have perfected my cayenne-candied bacon ice cream. Stay tuned.


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