Bread, the Chaste Stranger

“How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?”

– Julia Child

I’ve attempted a lot of weirdo foodstuffs with gusto. I almost never worry how it will turn out because I have enough tricks up my sleeve and cooking knowledge to pull an attempt up before it crashes and burns at the end of the runway.

That is…until it comes to bread. I have never attempted bread, even the kind that comes out of the box and you just add a bottle of beer and an egg. Bread scares me. The commitment, the chemistry, the possibility of failure (even the breads they say you “can’t possibly screw up!”…heh. Watch me).

Lately however, one bread has been floating above my head doing dances and taunting me: the pretzel roll. I know where to buy them, I know what restaurants use them in service, but I want to make them for myself. I want to sit on the couch without shame and stuff them in my mouth, one after the other. The sweet, the salt, the warm and the soft. Delicious.

I’m trying to find the best recipe to try, but I don’t know what I’m looking for. I know how it should feel in my hand and taste, but no idea what leads me there. So stay tuned gentle reader Oh, and if you have a recipe for me, send it over!


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