Liquid Gold

Truffle oil: are you familiar?

I admit, I only discovered this stuff in the last six months but lately it’s everywhere (thank the good lord above). At work, we have a dish which, when I see it walk past me, creates a Pavlovian response and it becomes all I can think about until I eat or go home. I decided tonight to try to recreate it.

Mind you, I don’t know the exact cheese we use though I know it’s a chèvre, and I don’t make my own focaccia so I had to use pita, but I got pretty darn close.

It’s not salty enough and pita is the wrong bread as it happens, but the general idea is there. Next time it’s going to require a thin yet spongy bread and perhaps a salt/oil/butter mix. Good, but not perfect. I took pictures, but until I’m satisfied with the results I won’t post them quite yet.

At least I now have this lovely bottle of oil to experiment with, thanks Whole Foods. It only took four shops to find it.

Next chapter in the foods-new-to-me book? Beets! Boiling as we speak…


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