Just Out Of Reach

I’ve just landed an interview for a position at a renown restaurant here in Chicago. Not like, Pizzeria Uno renown (thank God) but something a little more attuned with the foodies. The chef owns two of the hotter places around, and has even done the Top Chef circuit – to tie it all together for me.

In thinking about the interview, I keep wondering if she’s going to ask me what restaurants I like, where I eat when I’m hungry, and what sort of palette I have. I’m trying to come up with a clever way to tell her I have champagne tastes on a Boones Farm budget without sounding like a schlub. There is though, almost no way to say it. The most amazing meals of my life have occurred only since the new year and they were subsidized by others. I simply can’t just go out, and eat where I want when I want.

My burgeoning desire for culinary adventure is exactly proportionate to my lack of funds. Over the last few years I’ve made it a point to educate myself about what’s out there in Chicago and beyond, which the food lovers consider exciting. I have thereby become more and more fascinated and excited by it all myself, and yet here I am without an exploratory expense account when I need it most.

And as an interesting, fabulous little side effect that may come as a result of this job, I’d be only one person removed from Bourdian… I’m just sayin’.


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