Food 360

I went to London in 2005 in the effort to outrun my 30th birthday. When I went, everyone asked what sights I planned to see and where I planned to go. I only had a few places in mind, where I wound up was fine. The list I did have, and do have, was a food list. I went specifically to eat nine things native or done well, by the Brits. I left without a few, but was really happy with the stuff I did get to try. They found it funny, I might add, that I kept this list with me.

So now when I think about food, I inevitably think about travel. There are some foods that I simply must eat in certain locations, and I sure do hope I’m lucky enough to do it.

The Food List

  • NYC – the sort of pizza you have to blot with a napkin and then fold to eat
  • England – Cornish pasty
  • Scotland – haggis (you heard me)
  • Mexico – a proper margarita and an avacado with lime and salt, on the beach
  • Viet Nam – pho & spring rolls
  • Thailand – panang curry, masaman curry
  • Japan – sushi
  • Hungary – chicken paprikash
  • Hawaii – this is more of a won’t have: anything touristy or that involves tourists (pig roasts, poi, luaus, etc)
  • Northeastern USA – a crab that was caught that day hasn’t been flash frozen
  • France – So far I’ve loved everything French that I’ve had, but I’m not excited about eating the offal of the day. I’ll do it, because that’s what you do when you’re there, but I don’t want them telling me what it is first
  • Italy – anything they put in front of me. Specifically, and this goes for France too, bread, cheese and wine in a chair outside on a cobblestone street with children running and laundry hanging overhead. Handmade pasta, handmade sauce, gnocchi, fish

That’s it for now. I’ll be adding to it just in case I actually do make it around the world someday… but for now, this is it. Oh, and when I do get back to London I will absolutely head to Brighton and once again have the half chicken in a Yorkshire Pudding I had that particular Sunday. Delicious.


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