Thai Food is My Food

I’ve just made a pretty delicious Masaman Curry dish. Those little $.75 cans of curry base at the Asian grocery stores are great. Throw some coconut milk, fish sauce and protein in there…. delish! Only thing I seem to have to do every time is add cayenne pepper because they’re never quite spicy enough for me.

I bought a little bag of kafir lime leaves at an Asian grocery store a while ago, which I keep in the freezer. I rip them a bit and throw them into the sauce while it’s simmering, and they make a fragrant, lovely difference. Next time you come across the cans, pick up the Panang or yellow curry. If you love the Thai food, you won’t be sorry.

They go best with jasmine rice, I’ve just discovered. The brown rice isn’t really doing much for me. The texture is all wrong, even though I normally love brown rice. It’s too nutty for Thai.


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