Doing Penance

You can’t love food without being a little bit punished for it. Right? Well, not so much when you’re little – then you can eat 30 pounds of candy then two hours later eat three pieces of mom’s cheese-oozing lasagne and STILL lose weight.

But… we get old(er) and things start to slow down and we start to mourn our days of consuming candy and three pieces of lasagne with reckless abandon. (Well, I don’t mourn the candy so much but I do often find myself thinking about gallon-sized Slurpees. I can also still put away as many pieces of lasagne as you got)

So the time has come, thanks to stepping on mom’s scale, to make a change. I’m not saying no more bacon, I’m not saying I’ll never again dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio! Pistachio! but for the next 12 weeks I’m going to do all I can to stop jiggling and squishing. Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s best to be shaped like a woman and I’m lucky to be so. I have the curves and what have you, but I started to get upset with perhaps the amount of curves, and how my clothes weren’t fitting.

Thanks to a good friend that has set me up with a workout and eating routine, I’m going to try to get a handle on all this. He has kindly built in my indulgences one day a week (just so they aren’t over-indulgences, of course). I can’t help but now notice though, how completely bombarded we are with poor food options. Ready-made, soaked in oil and fat, fried, salted, and more unpronounceable ingredients than you can write on the side of a stick of butter. Don’t even get me started on fast foods. Bourdain compares the empire behind fast food to crack dealers. They don’t eat the food they manufacture through their company because they know how bad it is for them – just like crack dealers don’t live in the neighborhoods they sell to. They know there is poison in the well.

There’s a reason people don’t cook these days, and it’s not always because of time or skill. Produce can be expensive and has to be replaced weekly. Controlling portions means eating less and being hungry more often – but no more reaching for the microwave popcorn when the pangs start late at night. It’s all for a good reason though, and I’m looking forward to the results. I will of course, keep you posted.


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