Aaron and I went to see Ratatouille at our local $3 theatre tonight. I knew, because of reviews, that it wasn’t necessarily a kids movie and that it had just a few foodie things in it here and there that made it slightly inaccessible to the average Pixar audience. I agree only in part. There were several details that didn’t put it over the heads of Joe Moviegoer, but that so completely made the movie speak to those that noticed those details. They were details such as:

Mircoplane zester/fine grater
Dansko chef clogs and checks
I counted at least five specialty knives (paring, cheese, Santuko, chef’s, bread)
Notable great years in wine production mentioned by name
They did a great job of drawing the various types of cheeses for automatic recognition

The storyline plodded along in parts, but towards the end there is a scene in which someone tastes something and suddenly the camera rushes forward into the person’s eye where we see them a small child standing in their childhood home with tears in eyes after a bad day. Mom brings them inside, sits them down, and feeds them exactly what they’re eating at the moment of the flashback. To anyone else, it’s a flashback. To me, it was like at that moment, I was completely connected to what that character was feeling and knew exactly what it was to eat something and feel like home in your soul. I had tears in my eyes. I imagine only certain types of people that saw that movie had that same reaction (if any. I admit to my eccentricities).


On a different note re: the Garden – tomato blight in both crops. Peppers ready to be picked without further sun scalding due to a piece of black tulle folded over itself and clipped into place. Six tomatoes ready to be picked, at least 10 grape tomatoes as well though their plants both look dead except for the few outward branches with fruits on them. Resilient, but still sad to see.


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