Anthony Bourdain and the Zen of Abalone

I just watched Tony in Japan eating at a sushi bar that was literally the size of my bedroom. He was so blissed out by the fresh fish and shellfish he was eating that there wasn’t really much talking going on in the segment itself (besides a voice over of him describing how it was so good he didn’t want to talk to the camera). He ended it with a quote that I think sums up my attitude of economic decadence when it comes to good eating:

“I learned something…. that it IS ok to blow your money on meals, because at the end of the day it’s not just the food. It’s all of the things, all of the people and all the experiences that comes with it.”

I keep a running, ever-changing list of things I’d do if I won 10 million dollars. I know, that’s weird, but after tithes, charities, debts, college funds for the nieces and nephews and a new house for mom, I’d plan an enormous riotous meal with friends. Food is the ultimate leveler. It’s great because everyone has to eat – but to eat well, truly well, is comprised not just of what’s on your plate or in your glass. It’s the company, the service, the environment, even the music playing. It’s a total sensory experience and there are only one or two other things in life that are like that… and folks are just as obsessed with them as I am with eating well. Or at least creatively.


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