Weirdo Ice Cream

I went through a phase a few months back after purchasing an ice cream maker on sale. I decided to experiment with odd but delicious (we hope) flavor combinations that at first make you cringe, then make you eat a pint in one sitting. I only got as far as ‘Hot Chocolate’ then had to pack up and move – I haven’t made a second attempt yet. Hot Chocolate turned out pretty amazing though, and while I’m still working on the recipe the general idea is this:

Vanilla ice cream base (whipping cream, 2% milk, sugar)
Cocoa powder
Cayenne pepper

So it wound up looking like chocolate with specs of stuff in it, but the more you ate it the hotter the back of your throat would get – but it was ice cream, so you ate more to cool down your throat, but it would get hotter, and on. Ahh the marketing genius! No, honestly, I had to put it away after one or two spoonfuls because it was just that addicting.

I have other ideas which I still need to develop a flavor mix for, but they are:

Balsamic vinegar & strawberries
Lemon verbena & pepper
Basil & cantaloupe
Avacado & lime

And that’s about all I have for now… if the two degrees I have and mountain of student loan debt means that one day I’ll be an ice cream mogul and not an art historian, artist or advertising queen then well, I hope I’m happy. At least I’ll be able to design my own labels and market myself appropriately.


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